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Article - When is the right time to get married?

Marriage is a holy matrimony of two souls deciding to live together for a common benefit. There is a time for every happy occasion in life. The right time to wed varies from person to person. Some men want to go up their career ladder first before getting married. Others might want to settle down quicker and start a family.

So it all depends on individual preference. However the right age for marriage is recognized as 20 for women and 23 for man in India. However it is good for the bride to qualify herself through graduation before getting married. The groom should also get a decent job before thinking of marriage. The bride and the groom must mentally prepare themselves for the life long commitment and be ready for a more responsible life.

At the same time it is not good to postpone marriage for too long. The age difference between the bride and the groom is also considered as important by many people. Some say that there should be at least 3-5 year age gap between the spouses. It is just a common idea among the older generation. They feel that the mutual respect between the couple will be strong this way. But it has nothing to do with the respect or understanding or even the maturity level between the couple.

My parents always felt that higher the age difference the more understanding the couple shared. This assumption on based on the experiences from their own lives. They were nearly 10 years apart and so were almost all of the elders their age. But now youngsters prefer same age group as the tastes and preferences might be same. In our parents days the girl must 14 or even less and naturally the boy was in his late 20’s. But early marriages are banned even by the government and the parents also want their kids to get a decent education. So the minimum age for marriage is somewhere from 18-20.

It is best to marry and get kids before the age of 30 in case of a woman. Doctors feel so too as they feel less complications during pregnancy develop before the age 30. So keeping all these things in mind it is best to get the girls married in their early or mid 20’s. It all depends upon the couple and their families however to make the final decision.

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