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Article - When is the right time for a bride to marry?

Planning to get married is a very important decision in one’s life. Hence it should be considered after carefully analyzing whether it is the right time to get into holy matrimony. Both the bride and the groom must take stock of their lives and weigh the pros and cons of getting married. They should realize and understand their responsibilities after marriage and the commitment needed mutually to live happily ever after.

A marriage doesn’t end after the wedding night. What follows is what a real marriage is as every day the couple must work toward strengthening their relationship in building a happy family. It is not just walking away from one home to another with a bag of goodies. Each and every act or word uttered counts in building this new relationship not just with the groom but also with his family.

When is it right for a bride to get married? Apart from the age factor which must be atleast 20, other factors also count. The bride must have a proper education decent enough to get her standing on her feet if things go wrong. Or to make it positive, let’s say atleast to teach her kids well. The education of the girl child is very important and times have changed and most parents realize this need and educate their girls today.

A job is an added security to a bride and she can choose to continue with her job or quit after marriage. She should be matured enough to think on her own and decide what she needs in her life rather than go by what every body else says. If she decides to continue with her job, she must be ready to balance her home and job perfectly for a smooth family atmosphere. Apart from this she should know basic cooking or domestic cores. She is going to be the mistress of her new home and hence knowledge of these things is imperative.

The bride must also be aware of her parent’s financial position. She must make sure they are not going to get into debt after her marriage. She can advice them to save a bit before thinking of her marriage which can wait for a year or two. If she has a career in tow then it is best to review her marriage plans. She must mentally get prepared to face the new acquaintances and the environment she will be after marriage.

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