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Article - When is the Groom's Right Time to Marry?

The responsibility of a male child in our Indian society is very high. Parents want their sons to be their caretakers at old age and impose the other responsibilities of looking after the needs of his sisters and brothers as well. The son in the family is generally brought up instilling these expectations in mind. So naturally they start looking for a suitable bride who will assist their son in the family responsibilities as well.

But what are the groom’s views on marriage and when should he decide to marry? As for the groom the basic necessity is a high paying job to run his household with the increased expenses after marriage. He must calculate how much he can comfortably spare for the family when he decides to settle down after marriage. He must be financially independent before marrying.

Some marry under parental pressure and then find it hard to cope up with the family pressures. If the job is demanding major part of his life then it is best to wait until the job pressure resides or find a better job which offers him some free time for his family. Today jobs market is so very feasible and competitive that unless you give your very best in service and time you are black listed and even fired for non performance.

When jobs are so demanding how to find time to start a family? Think twice before deciding your marriage if this is the case. Or find an equally busy bride with a job as well. But then life will become too monotonous and frustrating. What’s the use of earning when you don’t find time to relax with your beloved?

Analyze the financial position and find out how much loan you can get for the marriage expenses. Have some savings or funds and invest sensibly to anticipate urgent family needs after marriage. Whatever your age or position don’t accept to marry under pressure or completion. It is a life time decision and it is going to affect you life long. Stand on your own feet, take time to decide and then marry the lady of your dreams.

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