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Article - Tips for an NRI marriage

Parents only want to find the best match for their children. When they look for a possible match they look at the long term benefit and security of their daughter or son. Especially the bride’s side is very cautious and alert while looking for a suitable groom. Many parents are very ambitious and look for grooms who live outside India. They feel the NRI groom is well settled in a foreign land and decides that their daughter will have a luxurious life in a far off land.

There are many stories about NRI wedding. Many have been successful but some had problems. Still it is all about what the parents expect from a NRI groom or bride. Many families living in foreign lands still prefer their children to find an Indian bride who will understand their culture and give respect to the family. But that doesn’t mean other Indians who live among them have lost their culture.

Certain families are very strict about an Indian bride. The bride’s parents should make all kinds of enquiry about the financial position of the groom in the foreign land. His assets, credits or any debt should also be enquired through a third person. Double caution should be exercised while searching for NRI grooms, as it is possible for the groom to hide facts or give faulty information.

If he is in US find out if he is going to settle there permanently or have plans to shift to India in the future. Many brides might want to settle there and thus this information is very important. Some grooms might even have gone there on H1 visa. Another important verification is to get a medical certificate which will ensure he is free from deadly diseases. You can never know his type of life style and one must be very sure before making a decision.

Before finding a NRI groom make sure that the bride is ok with the idea of living in an alien land and the prolonged delay in coming back home only once in few years. If she is going to be home sick or immature enough to handle such situation it is best to review the NRI groom. The bride must be bold enough to handle herself well courageously and must have the basic qualification and education to at least understand what is happening around her. Make a careful choice and always move forward only when you are comfortable with the details and the information provided.

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