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Article - Tips for a perfect bride

Do you feel your wedding bells ringing? Are your parents looking for a perfect groom? Well, its time you seriously think about how to present yourself as a perfect bride. Expectations might be high and you need to really prepare yourself for the higher responsibilities and expectations that you need to face as a bride and also as a wife of someone.

Weddings are finalized in the heaven they say, but in reality what makes a marriage happen is social status, the power of money, a good job and dowry etc. And this excludes the love marriages which are finalized by the couple themselves irrespective of these factors. The arranged marriage set up thus revolves around a whole set of predefined ideas and morals.

A normal middle class family will want their daughter in law to cook, help with the domestic choirs and also work if she is educated. The needs and preferences vary still the bride needs to be more of a homemaker than a company executive. Whatever high post she might hold in her company is of no use when she reaches home. She has to personally fend for her family and look after their welfare. This is how Indian family system works so far.

So a bride to be should horn her cooking skills to impress her spouse and his family. This creates a lasting impression on their minds. As the famous saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his tummy”, you can easily make your man hopelessly dependant on you for your mouth sizzling and exotic dishes that you might cook for him.

Apart from cooking a bride must also develop her personality. Not just physical personality, but also her mannerisms and attitude as well. She must be knowledgeable about family traditions and customs and must know how to respect the elders visiting the family. She must learn how to keep her things in order, manage the finance and keep her surroundings neat and clean.

Working women must also be ready to manage their times between their work and home. It is an added responsibility no doubt, and one must be matured enough to handle difficult conditions for the sake of making this great Indian institution called marriage. After all it is all about human understanding and sacrifice. When you respect the system and work to keep it functioning then nothing can deter your confidence.

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