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Article - Staying together standing united

Marriage is a very powerful institution as it social set up which makes ma and woman as responsible citizens of the society. They live as family, follow the moral values and try to keep the tradition going. The main purpose for conducting lavish marriages is to inform the society that they are man and wife hence and that they will live together as responsible human beings. In Hindu tradition weddings are looked at as holy matrimony between the gods. Marriages are made in heaven they believe and hence it is based on spiritual and cultural values of our nation.

Especially in an arranged marriage it is grand ceremony wherein the couple takes the vow before Agni or the fire god to stay united. Amidst all the far and near relatives and friends they make a commitment to stay together life long. A whole lot of sacrifices, adjustments and changes are what goes into a wedding. Overall it is a group commitment among both the families of the couple to stand united and make the marriage work.

The joint family system is ridiculed and looked upon as a wonderful culture in our society by the westerners. For them living together with aunts, uncles and nieces are simply impossible. The family value and bonding is missing in the west. But that is our strength in the east. The family members help one another and act as mentors and guides for youngsters who need their help and counsel. Minor misunderstandings are sort out with open and transparent talk.

Even if the couple happens to stay away from the family for job purpose, they do visit during festivals and family events. We have not completely got use to the nuclear system in India as the west. The elders are always ready to lend a helping hand and the youngsters for their part respect and follow their elders in every walk of their lives. That is why our family and marriage system still works.

The effort needed to keep the family together and the marriages intact is not considered as burden. Everyone makes an adjustment to improve the quality of their relationships and festivals play a major role in bonding the families. The memories of these festive celebrations then act as catalyst until the next year of festivity arrives. Marriage is a 100 year crop they say, and just imagine the kind of effort needed to make this crop stand upright all these years?

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