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Article - Simple marriages during recession

Recession has hit almost every industry in India. Unless we are smart with our available resources we are sure to get hit too. It is considered a great boon if you have a decent job at your disposal. Youngsters are having tough time maintaining their job profile. At such hard times they postpone their wedding plans or try to keep it low profile. It is not a very wise idea to spend unnecessarily for lavish weddings, which can exhaust every penny saved over the years.

How can we conduct a budget wedding or a simple marriage? First identify the key areas in which you can cut down the expenses. You can do without a music orchestra or even a traditional music band. It can be replaced by a music system. Try to find the best and cheap wedding planner if you are not confident about how to get about the wedding plans. Anyone with a little planning and help from the friends and family can arrange a decent wedding even without the wedding planners around.

Try not to spend too much or lavish invitations. Select a decent card which costs less and speaks more. Try to list the names of the most important guests whom you should invite personally. For others post the invitations well in advance. Don’t wait to courier them at the last minute. The postal charges are less when compared to courier rates. You can even send a personal note about how you are unable to come in person. This will give a personal touch to the formal invitation that you send. For friends and relatives in far off places you can even send an e-invite and followed by a phone call.

Try not to rent a costly marriage hall. Find halls or conference rooms in hotels which can accommodate a decent crowd. It is best to contract the cooking part to a hotel or a professional cook as it will avoid unnecessary wastage of food. Finding a place nearer to your home will cut transport charges too. If you need to book train tickets for your relatives then book it well in advance. Try to accommodate them in homes rather than in hotels. Wedding is one big event which you can compromise. But you can save a lot of money by taking smart and wise decisions. Make it simple and make it affordable.

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