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Article - Shopping tips for a bride

Shopping for a bride is the most entertaining and engaging affair before a marriage. It will look like an ever ending saga. The list grows by leaps and bounds and the house if filled with shopping bags and gift vouchers. The festive mood is felt once the shopping spree starts. There are always friends and relatives around looking at the latest purchases and commenting on the price and design.

The father of the bride is busy generating the needed finance, while the mother of the bride is busy making the list of all the things to be brought for the bride. The bride for her part will have a whole new set of things to do before marriage. There will be kitty parties and friendly treats. Coming back to shopping it is good to plan and then shop as it will reduce unnecessary waste of time and money.

The list to be prepared must contain all the categories of things the bride needs. Mostly the bride will need a head to foot make over and hence everything must be new. Make a list of categories like jewels, accessories, slippers, formal wear, party wear, casual wear etc. under each category list out the things to be brought. Then comes the hardest part, of selecting a store to buy the things; it is best to select a one stop shop for atleast few categories.

Managing the things brought is yet another big task. As soon as you finish shopping sort the things out and arrange in appropriate bags. Set aside bags with things that you need for the wedding and the other things that the bride need to carry to her in laws home. Now arrange the things accordingly. Keep the jewels and other precious ornaments safe and leave the keys with some responsible person in the family.

Just few days before marriage recheck the list and find out if you have everything in the list. Of course new list or things might come up even till the last moment of the wedding; still the main items must be ready days before the matrimonial ceremony starts. Planning your shopping and organizing the things will in many ways save time and money. You can avoid last minute tensions and confusions. Every moment from the day is fixed until the wedding day it is nothing but sheer joy and festivity in the family no doubt.

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