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Article - Overcoming the fear of marriage

How can any one be afraid of marriage? You might ask. But, there are people who shut their ears on hearing the word marriage. Why do they fear marriage or what factors drove them to develop such an aversion towards marriage. For any human nature they might be a number of reasons like family, limitations, conditioning, and experience etc.

Some people learn the hard lesson or get the negative impact marriage has on other people lives. Marriages are made in heaven no doubt. But some marriages turn out to be hell because of various reasons. Some youngsters take these examples very seriously and fear to get married, thinking that their life might also be the same.

This is not true and it is unpractical and illogical. We create our own live situations and it is not the fault of the bride or the groom. It is a very immature reasoning on the part of some youngsters today. Many feel that their freedom will be lost and they dread the idea of having a nagging wife around them 24/7. This thought is again influenced by television, movies and other media, which project woman as nagging housewives.

There might also be other serious issues for which someone might fear to get married. They might have some psychological issues or health problems which might have instilled a fear for marriage. Kids learn from parents more and hence when a mom and father is always fighting and beating one another, it might create a negative impact and fear in the mind of the child watching them. Many are anxious and have a fear for the unknown.

A good counselor will be able to guide someone who has this fear for marriages. They can point out the pros and cons of a marriage and then give valuable advice on how to overcome this fear and start a happily wedded life. All said and done the person must first trust this oldest institution called marriage. Only trust can drive fear away and allow tem to make a decision on whether to get married or not. Fearing marriage is baseless and with some mature understanding of this system life can be very fulfilling.

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