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Article - Nuclear families or joint families

Western impact on our Indian culture is felt more and more these days. The impact of western companies and their corporate culture has laid a heavy impact on the youth today. But needless to say our culture is one of the oldest and hence it is stable and nothing can really endanger it. Still a new form of living called nuclear families is on the increase. What is a nuclear family and how has it impacted our traditional family set up?

Young couples after marriage decides to live independently away from the joint family setup. The reason for this choice is to be free and have increased privacy. It is very disheartening to see aged parents living alone waiting for their kids and grand children every weekend or during the holidays. Even that is not guaranteed because of lack of holidays in the respective offices of their son and daughter in-law.

The kids are looked after by paid maids and the so is the cooking and other domestic choirs. The head of the family is busy making money and the woman of the house also has a career or is busy socializing. The condition of the kids are the most pathetic as they while away their time before televisions and computers. But then do they get the privacy and the freedom assured in a nuclear setup. Well, where is the time for privacy when you are toiling day and night with little time at home to spend with the own kids.

Whereas in joint families the man and the woman can continue their careers without worry of kids as the elders of the house take care of them. The kids grow in a loving and caring atmosphere around grand parents, nieces and nephews. The resources are shared and so it is benefits. Many parents feel the kids are spoiled by grand parents. The elders might pamper the kids but then they will not in any way stand in between the kids overall growth or studies.

The benefits received by the kids are more in a joint family. They are amidst their cousins and elders and hence they hardly feel lonely. They learn to adjust and share with others. They also learn from one another the best qualities and mannerism. Be is nuclear or joint family system the parents are the ones who must do the right things to their kids and family at any given situation.

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