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Article - Modern day weddings - an overview

Indian traditions are rich with festivals and celebrations. With its high cultural heritage and a mix of different types of people belonging to different religions, castes and sects, not to mention the many languages, India is definitely shining in the east. Here every festival is divine and holy. This is one reason why our family ties are still very strong. The festive mood and the memories therein becomes a source of inspiration which drives the relationships going steady.

Weddings are one such occasion wherein relatives and family members from far and near get together to celebrate the holy matrimony. In olden days the wedding preparations took months at a stretch and guests started arriving days before the wedding day. The mode of transport then was only bullock carts. As the people were mostly farmers or business men they took time off for the occasion. But times have changed now. In this fast world everything has to be fast. So is the wedding celebration too. It hardly takes a couple of hours and after the feast the marriage hall is empty.

The mode of transport today enables the guests to arrive even at the ninth hour of the wedding. Moreover their work pressure doesn’t allow them to take time off for such festivities. However it is a great time to release tension and be stress free. Just meeting relatives all in one place after many years is a wonderful experience. Mutual welcomes, chitchats, gossips, pulling one another’s legs etc make the day a fulfilled and memorable one.

The relatives and friends looked after the wedding plans earlier and now modern day wedding planners do the job for a fair price. There is creativity, luxury and monotony in modern marriages as the group activity among relatives is missing. Earlier the uncles would serve food and the nieces and nephews decorated the home and wedding hall. The elders sisters would look after the bridal make up and the brothers would try to teach the groom how to wear his dhoti.

Modern day weddings are tailor made and the fun element is less. The brides are made up in parlors from where they reach the reception or wedding hall stand and receive guests and depart. Family activity is the main focus for any festival and it is important we make it a point to consciously include that in present day marriages.

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