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Article - Managing a budget marriage

Marriage industry is a million dollar company. Today elaborate and lavish weddings are a fashion. Young couples who are well educated and hold high corporate positions want their wedding to be the most memorable one. They only want the best from the wedding arrangement to their honey trips. So many industries benefit from these matrimonial celebrations.

If it is an arranged marriage the families generally employ marriage brokers or agents to get the right match for their son or daughter. Some time word of mouth referrals are also chosen. Today many matrimonial sights have cropped up with full details of the possible matches from all over the world. There is no need to limit the search within a specify area or region.

When the parents have a strict budget for the wedding it is better to plan an expenditure strategy much in advance. Fix the budget and then divide them according to the different sessions which are important. The best way to save money is to get a wedding planner these days. They will do all the planning and execution as per the budget you suggest.

Finding the right wedding planner is what is important. Always listen to their terms and conditions and sit with them to finalize their every move. Make it a point to assure them that you will pay not a penny more than the budget you have in mind. So what if there are no good wedding planners in your town?

Try to be your own wedding planner and find the right people to do the jobs that you need to finish. Write down what needs to be done and start working on it bit by bit. Arranging the food with a hotel is considered wise as they charge only according to the number of people who dine. Nothing goes to waste and thus it is considered the best bet.

As for decorations and stage set up, you can find a budget decorator or if there is a permanent stage design in the marriage hall you can best use that with a little more touch up with extra flowers or paper decorations. It is always best to have some extra money in hand for last minute urgent expenses. So fix a budget accordingly. With wise decisions and smart ideas the budget wedding also can look like the most lavish weddings in town.

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