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Article - Love marriage or arranged marriage

We generally say that marriages are made in heaven. It might be true but then in reality the couples who marry are either in love with one another or the marriage is finalized or arranged by their family members. The debate on which is best, whether love marriage or arranged marriage is never ending as both sides have their experience and testimony to support the system which suits them.

There is nothing wrong in a love marriage until and unless it is accepted by the couples family members. Indian concept of marriage is not just two people coming together but two families uniting to bring two souls together in holy matrimony. Thus the couple in love will have to face the challenges of the community and pacify their family members to accept the partner chosen by them.

Whereas in arranged marriages the family first scrutinizes the possible brides and leaves the final decision with the groom or vice versa. The whole family support the matrimony during high and low times. They see to it that the couple is happy with one another at all times. Minor misunderstandings are cleared by advice from seniors who act as relationship managers and marriage councilors. With such an expert team around the couple thrive joyously.

Be it love or arranged the primary goal of a marriage is bringing together a man and a women. They commit themselves to be there for one another life long supporting each other in their overall development. They decide to start a family and bring up excellent kids into the society. Falling in love is a natural instinct no one can avoid. But then many people control themselves and allow their seniors to decide their marriage. They wait until the family finds a match for them.

Today parents are becoming broad minded enough to accept the choice of their kids in marriage. Times have changed and so is the attitude of people. It is a very positive change to see matrimonial sites with ads saying that caste or creed no bar. The limiting communal boundaries are being broken and it is proof that people want to find the right match other than the right community or caste. Instead of rating between love and arranged marriages it is good to start appreciating the lovely divine institution of marriage.

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