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Article - Is Living in Relationships better marriages?

The Indian family system and the values that we honor in staying as a family are ridiculed by western countries. For them marriage is a huge commitment. They feel it is loss of the freedom and independence. Whereas we in India feel it is a divine union. Our tradition has always portrayed even our Gods as happily married. The tradition of marriage is still depicted through the Hindu religious festivities wherein the marriages of the Gods hold an important event.

Getting married has never been a completion in foreign countries where children leave their parents when young to live independently. There is no family bondage and they always feel insecure and hence are afraid of getting into marriage. Many feel insecure even by the thought of it. Whereas we have strong family bondage and we always want to expand our family tree generation after generation.

Modern day living in relationship which was a western way of getting into a trial or mock relationship is popular in western countries. Slowly this culture has entered our Indian soil. Two people decide to live together as man and wife without the official wedding. They can walk apart anytime they feel like or stay together and even have kids without any strings attached. These people do not understand the concept of marriage in the first place.

Marriages are based on trust and the couple vow to stay together as friend philosopher and guide for the rest of their lives. It is not a binding contract but a very divine and loving agreement. Whereas the living in relationship is based on the insecure feeling and the fear that their partner might one day walk away or swindle all the money and wealth. Every moment this relationship will thrive on fear and anxiety as to when their partner will call it quits and walk off.

In marriages the family and the friends stand witness to the holy matrimony and the couples realize that they are more responsible first to themselves as man and wife and next to their families and the society. It is a very decent and morale way to live a life. Living in relationship might end in marriages at times. Still how can the couple find out the pros and cons of a marriage when they aren’t truly married?

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