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Article - Insights on Marriage in the present day scenario

Marriage is a once in a life time celebration to mark the communion of two souls deciding to be with one another in happiness and in sorrow. The couple on deciding to get married decides to bring together their near and far relations and friends to witness their matrimony to mark their life time commitment.

How best can this celebration be made memorable both to the on lookers and the couple? Special moments are meant to be preserved as lifelong memories. Getting an event planner is a modern trend these days. Gone are the days when the relatives arrived days before the wedding to help their siblings out with the arrangements. No one today has the time or mindset to lend a helping hand these days.

The wedding ceremonies lasted for more than a week in those days. But it hardly takes a few minutes for a register marriage and therein few hours of star hotel reception to end it. It is not at all surprising to find such fast track marriages in this fast passed world.

A recent research shows a high percent of divorce applications in family court in India. Our country once very rich in cultural values and traditions is losing its traditional charm and family values. The bondage created during the time of a wedding is not just between the wedded couple, two families come together as one, their friends get to know each other, and their communities unite.

The family system in India was a close knit value system which stood by the couple during dark days trying to bring them together when there were differences and assure them that they were meant for each other. But now the couples hardly stay united to see the light of their first anniversary or say even their 5th, not to mention their silver or golden jubilee celebration.

To minimize the differences between couples the choice of the right partner is very imperative. The bride and groom selection these days is very advanced as many matrimonial sites offer not only the complete bio-data with pictures but also provide a video profile of the person searching for his partner. Making best use of this media can save your marriage from misunderstanding and stand testimony of the strong Hindu marriage system. Believe in marriage; make it work to benefit your family.

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