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Article - Finding the Perfect Bride

Indian weddings mostly are arranged by elders of the family. But unlike olden days wherein the groom or the bride had no say on spouse selection, today parents allow their siblings to make the final choice. They provide them with a list of possible would be brides and grooms who might suit their social status, community or caste. The short listed profiles are then scrutinized according to the tastes and preferences and then final decision made.

Gone are the days when very little information or family background was known publicly. The needed information must be enquired with the neighbors of other relatives and if the proposal is from a totally different sub caste or from someone living far off very little information can be collected. Unlike westerners for whom wedding simple means two people coming together, in India we believe in two families coming together. Hence a strong understanding must be felt even before the wedding.

What are the qualities to look for in a bride? Where to search for the best bride to-be? The individual expectations of a brides quality varies from person to person in a family. The mother of the groom might expect someone who can help her in daily chores, who is respectful to elders and who can adjust with the family. The groom might expect a beautiful girl, with decent education and a job to support the family financially and to make hay for their future.

The family must first sit together and put in their expectation and come out with a common list of qualities to be expected from a bride. Then they can either convey this to the local marriage broker or register on matrimonial or vivaha websites to hunt for the bride. The details provided at the matrimony sites are so inclusive that some even have images or video introduction of the bride. No need to cat walk with a tray of coffee tumblers anymore. Jokes apart, this s a very positive attitude as the family looking for a bride can decide instantly based on their preference.

A perfect bride who fits into the criteria of every ones expectation is thus selected very easily. It is possible to view the pictures, profile of the bride and information about her community, education or family background at the click of the mouse. Marriages are being finalized very fast this way as it saves time to personally exchange mails for verification.

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