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Article - Does physical appearance count in a marriage?

What decides the bride and the groom? Is it the looks, wealth, social status, character, education or high paying job? If we look at some of the matrimonial columns in the paper or the internet, you will find a list of what the bride looks for in a groom and vice versa. Some are thought provoking and others are like small comical bits which gives you a good laugh. What really can one expect when looking for a possible match?

When we look around we find a lot of couple who are in no way competent as far as looks as concerned. They might look like brother and sister or even father and daughter. But the kind of bondage and understanding they share will be amazing. Physical looks are considered very seriously these days as the youngsters work in silicon jobs and thrive in corporate culture. They look for highly fashionable brides with good spoken English and party cultured.

Yet there is nothing wrong in desiring such brides or grooms as long as they realize that just physical appearance alone doesn’t ensure a happy marriage. For a family to thrive a good and decent job is a must. Nowadays both the bride and the groom work in order to make both ends meet. The social demand and personal comfort levels have risen so much that it is difficult to run a family with one income. For a good job and equally great education becomes imperative.

Between the appearance and the job status some will compromise. If they think the job security is their prime concern they might compromise on the looks of their spouse. Practically all aspects cannot and need not be decked in one single person. So find out what is most important in your life and then decide accordingly. Of course if one is lucky enough to get all in one bride no one can be happier than the groom.

As far as physical looks are concerned it can always be changed to some extend. The bride can go for a total make over, and change her less than ordinary looks into a very fashionable page3 look. It is all matter of how one presents herself or himself in public. Mannerism and attitudes can be changed according to ones preferences. It all depends upon the society you move with and the friends you have. Therefore not much importance should be given to physical looks in a marriage.

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