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Article - Choosing the right Prince Charming

Searching a life partner isn’t that easy. Especially when a marriage is going to be arranged there are so many things to consider from every family members point of view. There is a saying that marriage is like a 1000 year old crop. It is cherished, valued and protected by our Indian tradition. Unlike the west our values based on marriage is very high.

The best prince charming is judged by his job, financial status, his family background and his physical appearance etc. The family of the bride should sit with her and ask opinion about her expectations in her future life partner. The views of the bride to be, is very important and should be duly respected. Every woman will have a dream about her spouse and hence the family should give her all support to find the man of her dreams.

The compatibility factor depends upon the girl’s profile. If the girl is working in a particular city then she might expect someone from the same city, unless she is ready to relocate and find a better job. Many government servant especially teachers find it hard to get transferred to the place of the spouses and hence it is best to first decide about this issue. If the girl wishes to work then the groom and his family must accept this condition.

The bride’s family must personally visit the groom’s office or business establishment to enquire about his designation and his character. They can also get checked through common friends. The job permanency and his salary details and his future in the company he is working must be analyzed. The transparency of details is very imperative for wise decisions.

One other important information to be collected about the groom is to find out if he has any bad habits. Enquire about his mannerism and habits to make sure he isn’t a drug addict or an alcoholic. Many ask for even medical reports just to be cautious about the groom’s health. It is good in a way to clarify such things to avoid future problems.

Another concern is whether the groom lives in a joint family set up or not. If his job is placed locally then he might prefer living with his family. If of course he works in a different city he might set up his own family there. These details are very important as the bride can prepare herself for either the joint family set up or to live alone in a far off land. Open talk and unhurried clarification will help the bride’s family to choose the best groom for their daughter .

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