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Article - Checklist to be a perfect bride

What makes a perfect bride? This is a million dollar question as no one can give a specify answer or more appropriate definition for this question. But then her actions, attitude and character can identify her as a perfect bride in the long run. But then we are not going to talk about the features, or formula which can identify a perfect bride. Let us list out the most important things the bride must have before or on her wedding day.

The moment the engagement is fixed she should enroll with a good beautician and start her beauty regime from head to foot. And she must also change her diet and have a balanced and nourishing food. Drink lots of water and exercise to keep fit. The next step is to sort out her belongings and choose what to keep and what to give away for charity. Clearing cluster is a good way to find long lost things too ironically. You never know what all you will get from under the piles of clothes and shoes piled in the cupboard.

Make a list of things that you will take to your in-laws including the details of the jewels and other precious jewellery. Carefully file your certificates and other documents which you might need for job or other purposes. Don’t forget to include your family photographs which will be a great solace when you are home sick.

Shop only for what you don’t have. Don’t try to pile everything in one go. Buy only what you will need the most. Neatly pack and list them as you purchase. Try to get good books on matrimony or family care as it will give you an idea of what to expect and how to tackle. Learn basic cooking and try to include a special signature dish which you can make and impress the in-laws.

Try to keep in touch with all your friends and invite them personally for your wedding. Get their contact numbers and promise to keep in touch. Many women lose contact with their dear friends the moment they get married. You can also try to fix up a date once in a while for a get together. Last but not least keep smiling and be cheerful and have a positive outlook of life always. As our elders say there is no big ornament for a woman than a happy smile.

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