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Article - Checklist be a dynamic groom

When the wedding bells are ringing it is the bride who has a lot of things to do when compared to a groom. Still there are certain things which a groom must also look into before his marriage. Today men have equal distraction like women as new designer clothing and accessories are flooding the market. Men are becoming more beauty conscious and spare time for their makeover like their female counter part.

It is the right time to take stock and discard all unwanted clutter from the wardrobe. Men are generally much unorganized and it is time they changed their ways and become more responsible and organized. Remember that the life partner is going to share his room, his belongings et al and so make way and clear the room to fit in her belongings too. Give your own private room a face life by getting new curtains and new furniture. If possible take your fiancée for this personal shopping.

Next is the physical makeover part. It is best to get a general medical check just to make sure you are in your pinkest of health. Go for a great relaxing and detoxing massage and try to change your looks into more mature and manly rather than the funky teenager look. Get a beauty package with a local men’s parlor and visit them regularly for a nice make over. It is imperative because the atmosphere is polluted and your face needs a deep pore cleaning and cleansing once in a while.

Check your financial position before marriage. Formulate a financial plan on how you will make use of your salary after the marriage. Divide your expenses into categories like needs, necessities, savings and investment etc and then set aside a fixed percentage from your salary for these expenses. This systemized planning will be very beneficial in the long run. Finish all pending payments and sort out unfinished work load.

If you plan to stay away from the family then start looking for a decent home and try to furnish it and get it ready for occupancy after marriage. Find a place which is nearer to all basic amenities and also your office. Make a list of your friends whom you want to invite for your wedding and meet them in your free time to issue the invitations. Post outstation invitation well in advance or send an e-invite. Getting into a holy matrimony is a one time event in your life so try to be cheerful and spread the message of joy around you.

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