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Article - Changing views on Marriage

Marriage is one big event around which many industries thrive. In a Hindu marriage especially the marriages are generally held in a marriage hall. Even if the wedding happens to take place in a temple the hall is rented for the reception wherein all the friends of two families come and feast.

I remember my parents talking proudly about how marriages would be conducted on their house verandahs in the villages. A week long festivity wherein the whole village dined and entertainment like music and dance rocked the village until dawn. Apart from the lack of space in today’s world, the cost and the expenditure for a week long celebration or feeding the whole town or even the village is a Herculean task.

The generation today wants a simple marriage followed by an elaborate reception in some posh hotel. The expenses incurred in far less than if it were to be held at a marriage hall. The food is not wasted and the decorations are undertaken by the hotel itself at no extra cost mostly. Most of all there is less work for the family members and more time to chatter.

In Hindu marriages the brides and grooms were not allowed to meet one another or go out before marriage. But today both the bride and groom insist they meet and get along together before their shaadi. Times are changing and so the parents have no other way but to give in to the younger generations requests.

People say that building a home and conducting a marriage are the most difficult task. It is true 100% as you can see there are so many things involved in a wedding like flower arrangements, stage decoration, cooking, water supply, etc. This is one reason for the flourishing event managers in any city. They take up the entire burden and make arrangements perfectly.

Innovation has entered the marriage industry too as many couples want their wedding in a unique manner. Weddings are conducted on a common theme nowadays and the whole decorations, cutleries and even bridal dresses are chosen according to the theme. The customs and traditions if respected by the family are conducted privately and then a very grand reception followed by excellent dinner for friends is arranged.

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