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Article - An after Marriage Groom’s Guide

According to the Hindu marriage the man and woman who get into matrimony become one and the same, just like the arthanareeshwara. The epics and stories of Lord Shiva depict that he gave that half of his body to his wife Parvathy. This might sound like a story but then our ancestors instilled human value and morals through heavenly stories. It doesn’t mean literally sharing your body with your spouse which isn’t possible. The deeper meaning depicts how a man should accept a woman as an equal in his life.

This story clearly states how a groom should accept, share and be ready to be part of the bride whom he weds and chooses to live for the rest of his life. Many think that it is the bride’s thing to do all the shifting and sacrificing after marriage. But for a household to run smoothly a man must know how to balance his work and his relationships back home.

One important thing he should realize is that the bride’s only hope and counsel after marriage is none other than he himself. There might be others at home like parents and sisters still she stepped into your household holding your hands and you brought her in to take care of her every need and not to just leave her alone in a totally new world.

The groom must talk to the bride and make her comfortable in her new home. He must inform her about who is what and how she can find help and comfort from him at any time. He must encourage her to share things with him and open up and be transparent. He should then try to make the family sit together for a chat or bring about more get together to make them comfortable with the new bride and to make the bride get used to her in laws.

He must be careful not to get carried away with his new bride and try to behave his normal self as before. The mother is more emotionally affected in the marriage and hence he should give extra care to her and make her feel that his love for her will never fade. This conviction will help his mom to change her mind set about the bride.

The groom’s in laws is also as important as his own. He should respect them and treat them as his own parents. He should realize how much they will miss their daughter and how insecure they might be feeling about her new home. He should visit them or keep in touch with them to assure them that’s he is always there for his wife. Thus getting into a matrimony means both the groom and the bride should work together to make their marriage work. After all we have just one life to live.

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