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Article - Accepting a new family member with open hands

A bride is called a daughter in law because she comes into the groom’s family as another daughter through the wedding. Her inclusion into their family will bring joy and happiness and will also expand their family tree and relationships. Along the bride her whole family comes closer to the groom’s family. A whole new set of relatives, aunts and uncles are included.

Before accepting a bride into the family the groom and his family must realize that the bride is making a major shift in her life after her shaadi. The home she enters is new, the people and their mannerism are also new to her and she might feel lost and insecure in her new environment. The way she was brought up in hr parental home might be different and the way she looks at things or people might be totally contradictory to the groom’s family.

It is all about adjusting and accepting one another as they are. The groom’s family must first try to make her comfortable with the new home. Allow space for her to get around and know where is what. There has to be major shift in all the family members as well in dealing with the new bride. The groom is the only person whom she can open up her true feelings. So he should support her and try to balance her relationship with him and others in the family.

The mother of the groom must understand maturely that she has come to share her time with her son and hence must offer them freedom to have quality time together. If the bride doesn’t know cooking or other domestic work, she can teach her to do them as she would expect. After all she is here to stay with the family for life and so the bondage and intimacy in the initial stages is very important.

The sister in laws in the family can be the best guide for the bride as generally they must be of same age. Their friendship can mutually benefit each other as they might share the same views and thinking. The bride has trusted the groom and accepted his family for the rest of her life, so understanding her situation and making slight changes in the mind set can help in a smooth and loving family bonding.

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