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Article - A Brides Guide to Tackle her in-Laws

When a marriage takes place it is not just the union of two people but two communities or at least families coming together. They might belong to different cultural background or their life style might be different. But they try to accommodate and adjust with one another for the sake of the newly weds. It is a wonderful relationship as we get to know new people and accept them as our new uncles and aunts.

For the bride who enters a wed lock, the whole life shifts to another household completely. She leaves back her parental home where she grew up and lived her life till her vivaha. It is the most difficult shift as she leaves behind all her favorite things which were until then her own. Her room, her favorite balcony or a window view, her garden, pets and most of all her beloved parents and siblings.

It is a very major change in her life no doubt but then sooner or later she has to accept and start mingling with her new environment, which will hereafter be HER home. This sense of owning her husbands home as hers is the first step towards accepting a life with him. A bride should inculcate this attitude in her mind and do things which she would have done in her parental home. Adjusting with new people is not an easy task but with an open mind and a heart to learn new things it is all very easy.

Try to learn their household routine. Find out who likes what and try to impress them by doing things personally. Keep smiling and remain cheerful and don’t show your grief on leaving your parents. Talk to all family members freely and try to understand them. The most difficult task for any bride is to get along with the mother in-law. This is a universal problem. If a bride is smart enough she can be her mom-in–laws very best friend.

The bride should understand how a mother would feel seeing her lovable son being pampered or looked after by a new woman. He was her life and she too pride in taking care of him until he got married. So she might feel jealous or try to pull the new Bahu down. It is a psychological issue and if the bride is matured enough to understand this and make her feel better then a wonderful relationship blooms between them. A bride must thus prepare herself and act smartly, lovingly and responsibly to make her new home more colorful.

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